violet potato

The newest type being the purple potatoes (Blaue St.Galler and Vitelotte) The Violete Potato is rich in antioxidants. 100 grams of Violete Potato = 3 glasses of red wine or 400 grams of strawberries.

Seed potatoes

Our company has been authorized by the Territorial Office for Seed Quality and Planting Materials to produce and sell seed potatoes.  The land we use in the production phase, is divided into categories and the majority of our produced seed potatoes enter the premium “Elite” category. We import the seeds from premium firms within the […]

Wheat seed

We use modern technology in order to provide the best quality and profitability of this particular crop. Authorized by the Territorial Office for Seed Quality and Planting Materials, we produce, process and sell wheat seeds of the best quality. At the base of the process lies the “Elite” group seed which is transformed in various […]

Mustard seed

In agriculture, crops are rotated each year in order to ensure that the land is not left without a particular mineral which would compromise its fertility. We discovered that the mustard seed is not only usable as a crop to rotate with another, but also it reduces pathogen levels which means that there is a […]


Potatoes represent the most loved crop of our family. All of our technic and technologic actions are subordinated to this type of crop. We provide the most healthy and good tasting potatoes that you and your family will love to eat in any form. As with the seed potatoes, the same “Elite” category quality is […]


This type of crop has the same benefic effect on the land as the mustard seeds. It helps the soil regenerate faster and have bigger reserves of minerals. We provide special care and attention to the technology used in this crop by following these few steps: choosing the type of canola, preparing the land for […]