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About Us

 Back in the spring of 1995, we established our company in the beautiful city Targu Secuiesc and started by leasing 26ha of land with the goal to produce potatoes and wheat, two of the primary crops used in the area.
Because the aim was quality, from the very beginning certified seed was used for the crop and the result was sold on to individual landowners so that they could have their own certified crop. The demand for seed potatoes and wheat seed with a high biological value grew from year to year together with the ambition of our company. In order to increase the profitability we decided to extend the cultivated surface throughout time, reaching the value of 310 ha in 2014.

 Everything is administered from within our family thus providing the company with a modern management which invested in technology, machinery, tractors, sorting and packaging lines and storages with automated control and setting of temperature. Also we invested in our personnel by providing them with trainings to perfect their qualifications.

 In order to grow this big and fast we utilized European Union Funds by accessing in 2006 a SAPARD project worth 434.500Euros and a FEADR project in 2006 worth 703.830Euros.

 Next to seed potatoes we began to cultivate and sell potatoes for consumption. In order to deliver quality and quantity we invested in the update of our storages and building of others in order to have the delivery power to address to large constant orders. Our orders are contract based and shipped in 0.75kg, 1.00kg, 1.50kg, 2.0kg, 5.00kg, 10.00kg and 25.00kg packages with our label or our clients labeling.
One of our important clients – with orders over 2000 tons of potatoes/year – is the hypermarket chain CARREFOUR, which are our partners since 2005. We managed to show that we are a trustworthy supplier and thus, in 2011 we signed a new partnership for Filiera Calitatii Carrefour by launching a product on the market with the slogan “Quality and freshness, Romanian product”.
This relationship wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the quality of the potatoes delivered by us, our promptness when it comes to orders and last but not least our obedience to the good agricultural practices. By using the AGRIMAP software we ensure that each lot of potatoes can be tracked and all the actions and products used on it can be seen.

 By summing up all our company’s activity, each year we had significant profits which allowed us to support intense investment programs aimed to maintain top quality and fast service.

 All of these are for you, our customer, so that you can have trust in our products and enjoy the best quality there is.
We invite you to try our potatoes which are cultivated in the best conditions which guarantee that they are healthy, natural and will exceed even the most pretentious taste.

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