Seed potatoes (planting material)

Our company has been authorized by the Territorial Office for Seed Quality and Planting Materials to produce and sell seed potatoes.  The land we use in the production phase, is divided into categories and the majority of our produced seed potatoes enter the premium “Elite” category.

We import the seeds from premium firms within the European Union and cover up to 60% of our lands with it.

The firms we collaborate with are:

  • -Agrico Holland B.V – types: Agata, Arizona, Arnova, Esmee, Evolution, Gourmandine, Lusa, Riviera, Rudolph, Saviola;
  • -HZPC Holland B.V – type: Carrera
  • -Solana Germania – type: Red Lady
  • -Europlant Germania- Type: Bellarosa

We can provide you with any type of good quality potato seeds together with quality services. Our contracts with big businesses are the proof that we make our clients happy.Seed potatoes