Wheat seed

We use modern technology in order to provide the best quality and profitability of this particular crop.

Authorized by the Territorial Office for Seed Quality and Planting Materials, we produce, process and sell wheat seeds of the best quality.

At the base of the process lies the “Elite” group seed which is transformed in various technological ways and treated against diseases and pests.  By combining the modern technology with this modern process we are able to produce 6.000kg/ha.

After the harvesting is done, we take care of the terrain by applying organic fertilizers onto it, thus giving back to it the minerals that were used in the production phase. In this way we make sure that the land is 100% free of chemical fertilizers and conserve it for the next generations.

By using only organic fertilizers we are able to provide you with top quality wheat seeds that will produce the healthiest bakery products so that you will receive all the right nutrients minus all the chemicals found in other products.

Wheat seed

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